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Walk-In Shower Ideas That Will Instantly Elevate Your Bathroom

There are few bathroom amenities more luxurious than a walk-in shower. Marked by a glass wall or enclosure that’s separate from a tub and easy to access, they’re incredibly practical and versatile—not to mention aesthetically pleasing. “Architecturally speaking, a walk-in shower can ‘disappear’ and [make a space feel] more open,” says Matt Baran, founder of Baran Studio Architecture. “It’s useful when trying to capture views through multiple layers of space and in increasing the amount of light available to the bathroom.”

Bold Moves

Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors chose statement floor tiling that extends into this bathroom’s asymmetrical walk-in shower to “reduce visual disruption,” she notes. (photo cr: COLIN PRICE)

A Serene Sanctuary

This light and airy bathroom by LH.Designs founder Linda Hayslett showcases a spacious walk-in shower fit for two. (photo cr: LAUREN PRESSEY)

Warm and Contemporary

A1000xBetter founder Kirsten Blazek chose to line the walls of this midcentury-modern bath with dimensional tiles to create more texture and complement the terrazzo floor. “We chose a walk-in shower because we liked the clean aesthetic and made the bathroom feel larger,” she reveals. (photo cr: ALEX ZAROUR)

Clean and Simple

“We chose this shower because it’s minimal: few lines, no walls,” reveals Baran Studio Architecture founder Matt Baran, who designed this relaxing space. (photo cr: ALEX ZAROUR)

Set in Stone

Ishka Designs seamlessly combines stone, wood, and tile in this luxe, nature-inspired bathroom, which features an airy walk-in shower. (photo cr: ISHKA DESIGNS)

Glass Act

This contemporary, Hecker Guthrie-designed bathroom features an all-glass walk-in shower that makes you feel like you’re outside. (photo cr: SHANNON MCGRATH)

An Artful Retreat

This dreamy, spa-like space by K Interiors owner Kristen Peña showcases a luxurious marble walk-in shower alongside a wall hand-painted by decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga. (photo cr: BESS FRIDAY)

White and Gold

In this sumptuous bath by Josh Manes Architecture, the walk-in shower touts gilded fixtures and a wall niche perfect for keeping toiletries. (photo cr: KIRSTEN FRANCIS)

On the Bright Side

This sunny all-white bathroom by Studio Munroe touts an asymmetrical walk-in shower replete with all the fixtures, including a rainfall showerhead. (photo cr: THOMAS KUOH)

Text by Kristin Tablang | Read More Here

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