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Our mission is to deliver the highest caliber of service to our clients, built on the fundamental principles of professionalism, trust, reliability, integrity and attention to detail. We offer a complete suite of real estate services to guide you through your real estate journey. From sales and rentals to mortgage and title insurance, we have experts in every field to guide you through your real estate journey.

Barely larger than a GoPro, the MAKA Pro Measure is every DIY interior junkie’s best friend. Designed to replace an entire toolbox of items you’d need to perform your home improvement routines, the MAKA Pro Measure lets you measure, detect, and pre-empt everything before you start renovating or decorating your house. It calculates distances, areas, […]

Although your small backyard might be limited in scale, the good news is it still offers endless potential to create an interesting and vibrant space. The key to success is to keep things simple. It’s all about getting the basics right to create a harmonious space that feels bigger than it is, which means choosing hardscaping and […]

The transformation from traditional office environments to remote work has not only been a response to global events but a marker of a new era in the way we conduct business. This shift is affecting both residential and commercial real estate markets in ways that offer opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Let’s explore how […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s idea of opening a first-of-its-kind Supercharger location in Santa Monica with a 1950s-style diner and a drive-in theatre moved one step closer to reality after receiving official approval from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. It was back in 2018 when Musk first talked about his plans to build […]

Accent walls still have their place, but you can do far more exciting things with a bare wall than paint or wallpaper. Here are other on-trend ways designers love to bring a home to life. CREATE MORE INTEREST WITH A WALL OF SHELVING You’ll notice a common theme here, what seems to be replacing the […]

The kitchen is a central artery for most homes, but firing up the stovetop and oven during certain months can make things uncomfortably warm. If you’re dealing with a case of hot kitchen, there are some ways steps to take to help chill things down. In the midst of a summer heatwave, you may feel […]

As heat waves get hotter, longer, and much more frequent, better air-conditioning alone isn’t enough to keep occupants comfortable—we also need to redesign buildings to help them stay cooler, and avoid millions of ACs straining the grid so much that the power goes out. Designs that have been proven in the Southwest in cities like Phoenix may […]

California and the beach go together like milk and cookies. Sand and sunshine epitomize the state’s outdoorsy lifestyle, and one of the best ways to soak in the majesty of the Pacific is to book a hotel on the beach in California –a place where you’ll get to wake up to ocean views and watch […]

High mortgage rates, low inventory, and elevated home prices have left many Americans postponing their home buying plans. On the upside, however, most who bought homes over the past few years have seen a sizable boost in their equity. If you’re looking to make home improvements that’ll further boost your home’s value — or help maintain it […]

Inspired by the monstrously popular Barbie movie, this series of AI-generated architectural renderings brings forth a new vision of Barbie’s Dreamhouse. These hyper-realistic, ultra-contemporary homes, infused with Barbie’s signature pink hue, banish plastic to the toy box and imagine what a ‘real world’ residence for the iconic doll might look like. Harnessing AI image generation […]

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