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The C SEED 201 outdoor tv screen wraps ultra-powerful technology into rigorously streamlined design aesthetics created by Porsche Design Studio. Simplicity of form, quality, durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship are combined in an austerely imposing installation. The C SEED 201 outdoor tv screen is hidden in its underground storage casing, waiting for activation by a simple push […]

Norway’s Wind Catching Systems (WCS) has made a spectacular debut with a colossal floating wind turbine array it says can generate five times the annual energy of the world’s biggest single turbines – while reducing costs enough to be immediately competitive with grid prices. Standing more than 1,000 ft (324 m) high, these mammoth Windcatcher […]

No one likes weeding the yard or garden, but it’s a particularly big pain in the butt when you don’t have the right tool for the job. But the BGR Deals team recently tested a new kind of weed killer that works in gardens, flower beds, and more, and it takes things to a whole […]

Four Seasons Embarcadero Taking up the top 11 floors of the 48-story California Center, every single room at the Four Seasons Embarcadero offers panoramic views of San Francisco. Perfect for a romantic staycation or celebration, will you find yourself donning your robe, sipping Champagne, and looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge? Coit Tower? The […]

Many of us have mastered the art of decorating indoors, but when it comes to decorating outdoors, we could use a little help. It isn’t that decorating outdoors is hard, just that we haven’t inherited any obvious choices. We know to put tables in dining rooms, couches in living rooms, and beds in bedrooms. But what, […]

Much like intra-city trains and trams, Russia-based Working People’s self-driving monorail pods operate on existing roads with little infrastructure and maintenance costs. The Urban Monorail Shuttle pods are a unique combination of self-driving cars and trams. They operate on existing roadways, relying on a single monorail network spread across the city. The cars (or cabins […]

Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava is well known for his incredible soaring structures. He is one of those star architects who has a style so well defined that it is recognizable to people who may not necessarily consider themselves architecture lovers. Part of what defines Calatrava’s unique style is the impressive structural capabilities of his buildings […]

Whether you refer to it as a toilet or water closet, the loo or the head, it’s all the same and so is the design. For the last century or so, not much has changed when it comes to toilets unless you’re talking about Japanese toilets with integrated bidets, like TOTO toilets. If you’re not talking […]

Preparing to list your house? If you want to get top dollar, start sprucing up your kitchen now. A killer kitchen is one of the best ways to sell your home. Before you list your place, start making some of these improvements to help swing buyers in the right direction. Upgrade to quartz countertops Today’s buyers aren’t […]

Bentley Residences, the first Bentley-branded residential tower in the world, will spread 200 residences over 60 stories — all with in-unit parking spaces for up to four cars and an automobile elevator much like the one created for the Porsche Tower. Each unit will also have its own pool and sauna. According to the South Florida Business Journal, prices […]

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