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Future of Transportation in Los Angeles
Metaverse Virtual Land Investment: Decentraland, Sandbox, Earth 2
The Blockchain and Future of Real Estate
All About The Gardenhouse In Beverly Hills
2022 Design Trends and Inspirational Ideas for Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathrooms
Mobilized Luxury Living On The Ground As Well As The Water



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Press Room


“ Everyone needs to start a brand. It’s just a matter of a...”


“ Ivan Estrada has been featured on Young Upstarts, discus...”


“ Ivan Estrada, author of Brand With Purpose, has been featu...”

Brand With Purpose

“ Ivan Estrada was featured on EllimanInsider, an online new...”


“ Ivan Estrada was featured as a guest on Millennial Money p...”


“ Luxury real estate agent Ivan Estrada and luxury residenti...”


“Authority Magazine featured Ivan in their series, “authors...”


“ Ivan Estrada is a first-generation college graduate and yo...”

America's Best Real Estate Professionals

“ RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Profes...”


“ Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought many aspects of pub...”




If you see a riveted travel trailer that resembles an Airstream but isn't, it may be a Bowlus. That's assuming you're extremely lucky, too—there simply aren't many of these rare, upscale campers o...

Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for a 75-mile-long skyscraper called the Mirror Line that will stretch across its desert, housing up to five million people. It is projected to cost a whopping $1 tri...

High above the bustling streets of West Hollywood, patterned daybeds spill out onto the checkerboard rooftop that anchors Holloway House, the latest club offering from the exclusive Soho House hosp...

Gas prices are soaring, and getting stuck in traffic is never fun. As a result, train travel is gaining popularity this summer. Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner route is particularly special as passenge...

Technological advances in materials and building methods are making the construction of new architecture easier than ever. Materials are lighter, stronger and easier to manipulate, meaning that buildi...

On land, the largest hotel in the world is MGM Grand Las Vegas, with 6,852 rooms in one building. Now picture the same magnificence but in the clouds! Sky Cruise is the world’s first nuclear-power...

The Slope House The Slope House from the 3D visualizer Milad Eshtiyaghi is an untraditional A-frame cabin that employs biophilic design inside and out. 3D visualizer and international architect Mi...

Technology allows us to take new approaches to old problems, and these approaches are faster, easier, and yield better results. This is as true in the real estate industry as any other – in a real...

OCEANIX Busan is the world’s first prototype of a resilient and sustainable floating community. It aims to set the model for future innovations to help coastal cities threatened by rising sea level...

The exterior of your home is on display for everyone to see, and if you ever decide to put your home up for sale, then there will be a lot of people going in and out of your home. You definitely want ...


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