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Press Room

Press Room


“ Everyone needs to start a brand. It’s just a matter of a...”


“ Ivan Estrada has been featured on Young Upstarts, discus...”


“ Ivan Estrada, author of Brand With Purpose, has been featu...”

Brand With Purpose

“ Ivan Estrada was featured on EllimanInsider, an online new...”


“ Ivan Estrada was featured as a guest on Millennial Money p...”


“ Luxury real estate agent Ivan Estrada and luxury residenti...”


“Authority Magazine featured Ivan in their series, “authors...”


“ Ivan Estrada is a first-generation college graduate and yo...”

America's Best Real Estate Professionals

“ RealTrends + Tom Ferry America’s Best Real Estate Profes...”


“ Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought many aspects of pub...”




Dark colors and rugged finishes “give the house a soul,” says the homeowner. The foundation had already been poured when Marc Walters and Rick Cassar realized exactly how big their new house in P...

Chic furnishings and sumptuous touches add character to this art collector's serene city home, transforming it into a masterpiece Introducing personality was key to this central London penthouse, now...

A guest bathroom should be a place where your guests can feel comfortable and relaxed. If your guest bathroom looks a bit dull, there are many simple things you can do to take your space to the next l...

The Canadian start-up TransPod recently unveiled a hybrid between an aircraft and a train that it claims will transform travel in the Great White North. The fully electric FluxJet will be able to so...

Having an outdoor space in a natural setting is vital for your mental and physical well-being, and having one right at your doorstep adds incredible convenience. However, the demands of a hectic lif...

Floating homes, luxury living and smart home technology aren't necessarily things that tend to go hand in hand. But Ocean Builders, a Panama-based company that specializes in innovative marine technol...

If you see a riveted travel trailer that resembles an Airstream but isn't, it may be a Bowlus. That's assuming you're extremely lucky, too—there simply aren't many of these rare, upscale campers o...

Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for a 75-mile-long skyscraper called the Mirror Line that will stretch across its desert, housing up to five million people. It is projected to cost a whopping $1 tri...

High above the bustling streets of West Hollywood, patterned daybeds spill out onto the checkerboard rooftop that anchors Holloway House, the latest club offering from the exclusive Soho House hosp...

Gas prices are soaring, and getting stuck in traffic is never fun. As a result, train travel is gaining popularity this summer. Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner route is particularly special as passenge...


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