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Advanced Technology at Home: A.I. with Internet of Things, Security Systems, and Health Tech
Green Living: Eco-Friendly Recycling of Shipping Containers
Los Angeles Home Appreciation Values
One of a Kind Pools at Los Angeles Mega Mansions
Inspirational Design Trends for Balconies, Terraces, and Backyards
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Press Room


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Brand With Purpose

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If you could travel back in time to the 1990s, you would hear a lot of people insist that new fads like email and text messages were never going to last. But today, these technological advancements ...

Industries around the world are constantly innovating, however, the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technologies. Mighty Buildings is changing all that with the development of a concr...

Nuro showed off Wednesday one of the final pieces of its commercial autonomous delivery strategy. The startup, which has raised more than $2.13 billion since former Google engineers Dave Ferguson a...

As much as walls, ceilings, and furniture pieces define the character and perception of an architectural project, doors play a critical role in building that style. Among all the doors used in house...

The idea of owning metaverse real estate for profit is one that fills people with all kinds of emotions: elation, curiosity, hesitation. Many are currently experiencing the fear of missing out, but ...

Spritz Cookies It's time to break out your spritz cookie press for these festive Christmas spritz cookies! These easy Christmas cookies can be decorated with sprinkles or flavored with citrus, spic...

Joshua Tree is a dreamy desert town near the southern end of California that is known for its vast landscape, stellar sunsets, and more recently, a stunning list of Airbnb options. From full-blown r...

Between rising water levels and global migration to cities, architects and designers need to critically reimagine the relationship between coastal landscapes and public space. Cities are facing entire...

Holiday Road Stroll across the grounds of King Gillette Ranch as the Santa Monica Mountains hideaway is illuminated during Holiday Road, which this year flips from a drive-through into a 2/3-mile ...

Thanksgiving is a day that’s all about eating and enjoying, so when there are vegans involved on the day that’s all about turkey, it’s pretty challenging. What can you serve as a vegan side dis...


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