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2022 Design Trends and Inspirational Ideas for Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathrooms
Mobilized Luxury Living On The Ground As Well As The Water
2022 Real Estate, Luxury Market, and Construction Costs Forecast
Advanced Technology at Home: A.I. with Internet of Things, Security Systems, and Health Tech
Green Living: Eco-Friendly Recycling of Shipping Containers
Los Angeles Home Appreciation Values



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Press Room


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Brand With Purpose

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Surprisingly perhaps, Google has never created its own new headquarters from scratch, choosing to take up residence in preexisting buildings instead – until now, that is. Designed by Bjarke Ingels ...

There are few bathroom amenities more luxurious than a walk-in shower. Marked by a glass wall or enclosure that's separate from a tub and easy to access, they’re incredibly practical and versati...

When California gets mentioned, warm and fuzzy feelings wash over anyone who’s spent time there, due in large part to the times spent on the beach, soaking in the beautiful sunshine while enjoying t...

The pandemic has changed what Americans want from their homes, and builders say they expect those changes to last. The big picture: A ton of pandemic-era adaptations are becoming common fixtures i...

If you’ve been shopping for major appliances, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of poor selection and repeated delays. “AHAM has been very involved with a coalition of associations w...

Overwater bungalows are nothing new, but a motorized hotel suite capable of cruising the high seas certainly is. The brainchild of Pierpaolo Lazzarini, founder of the ever-disruptive Lazzarini De...

Matū (Beverly Hills, Los Angeles) Specializing in grass-fed Wagyu beef, Matū uses only the highest-quality cuts and ingredients to ensure that both the flavor and texture of their First Light Far...

The AI-powered Colony is not your everyday hotel. Created by DistrictHive, the eco-friendly podtel is a technology-driven lodging concept that allows the guest to access everything by the touch o...

There are a lot more options nowadays for pool light ideas that go beyond the standard submerged pool lights. It’s a matter of beautifully and thoughtfully illuminating the surrounding pool area a...

Spacious, communal, and fairly simple to style, it's easy to see why open floor plans have remained a go-to layout for homes over the decades. This architectural decision removes any walls separating ...


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