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October 2017 | Real Estate Min | Mid-Century Modern

Hello and welcome to the real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada properties at Douglas Elliman coming to you from beautiful Pasadena. And in this episode, it’s all about mid-century modern architecture. Built between the 1930s to the 1960s to combine beautiful modernism, elegance, and simplicity to bring the outdoor in and the indoor out. So, the real estate minute is going to work like this. There are three segments, one minute each, three minutes total. Let the real estate minute begin.

Welcome to 1450 El Mirador in Pasadena, California. This mid-century modern property was built in 1961 by architect Roland Russell. Now, one of my favorite features in the entire home are the two atriums. The first one at the entrance with a magnificent Japanese pine and the second with an outdoor soaking tub in the master bedroom where you can look up into the stars. Now as you walk around, you’ll see all the hexagons. Hexagon in the cabinetry. Hexagon in the kitchen. Hexagon in the roof, it’s everywhere. Although this home is just recently remodeled, they still kept the integrity of the original design. The home is three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms with almost 3,000 square feet in the interior square footage and almost 14,000 square feet on the lot. Surrounding the home are tons of eucalyptus trees, oaks and just pines and greenery everywhere you look.

Falling water also known as the Kaufman residence was built by Frank Lloyd Wright in rural Pennsylvania in 1935. The design actually only took two hours to produce. The house was supposed to be facing the waterfall not sitting on top of it. The original cost was supposed to be

$35,000, but it ended up costing a hundred and fifty-five thousand and with inflation would be about $2.7 million dollars today. Wright wanted the house to blend into nature. So, he used two colors. A light ochre for the concrete and his signature Cherokee red for the steel. The house was later restored in 2001 and the cost was an estimated 11.5 million dollars. One of the most notable features in the entire home, which is my favorite is a staircase from the living room down to the stream.

Built in 1969 the Elrod house by John Lautner is one of the most architecturally significant

mid-century modern properties in all of Palm Springs. The best-known feature of the home is the large circular concrete canopy above the main living area that overlooks all of Palm Springs.

When the house was built the soil was excavated, but the rocks were kept in place. These rocks are part of the interior of the house and run straight through the walls and windows. The house itselfisfivebedrooms,sixbathroomsonalmost9,000squarefeeton16acres.Now, if you want to buy the house, well you’re a little too late. It was sold in September 2016 for $7.7 million dollars. Some of the other notable features are the gym and the beautiful outdoor swimming pool that overlooks San Jacinto peak. Wonder why it looks so familiar? It was featured in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

Thank you so much for watching this month’s real estate minute on mid-century modern architecture. I will see you next month now. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook Instagram YouTube and Twitter at Ivan Estrada properties. I will see you next time.

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