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Hand in Hand Luxury Amenities | August Real Estate Minute | Ivan Estrada Properties

Hello everyone and welcome to the Real Estate Minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada Properties at Douglas Elliman coming to you from Charles Jacobson in Culver City. A beautiful location where you can find antiques and artifacts from all over China. A warehouse that’s 18,000 square feet and a beautiful Zen garden with beautiful artifacts everywhere you look. So, the Real Estate Minute is going to work this way. There are three segments, one minute each, three minutes total. Let the Real Estate Minute begin.

So, you just bought your multimillion-dollar home. So,what’s next? You need the toys. So, how about a yacht. So, a yacht will cost you anywhere from a couple hundred thousand dollars to about a hundred eighty million dollars for a mega yacht. Now some of the amenities on some of these beautiful yachts are an indoor basketball court, indoor pool, a movie theater, a garage for your speed boat. Oh, and yeah, of course a helipad for your helicopter. Now that’s the purchase of the boat, now how about the maintenance? Now the maintenance will cost you about 10% of the purchase price a year. So, you could be spending up to a million dollars in gasoline, not including a captain, a chef and of course a staff that will take care of all of the maintenance. Now some famous celebrities that own some of these beautiful yachts are Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman. Oh, yeah, of course P. Diddy.

So, you just bought the big multi-million-dollar home. And you got the yacht. Now all you need is that private jet. Now a private jet will cost you anywhere from three to four hundred thousand dollars to about half a billion for the biggest personal 747 you’ve ever seen. Now some of the amenities on these jets are a movie theater, a huge bathroom and dining room, meeting rooms and entertainment room for all of your guests. Now you bought the plane now you have to do the maintenance. Now the maintenance for these babies are about a hundred thousand dollars to a million for the big 747. Now some of the big celebrities that have private jets: the obvious Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, and John Travolta who has his own runway and his own airport in his own backyard. Now, if you can’t afford a jet like most of us, well you can always charter one for a thousand to seven thousand dollars an hour per person.

So how much would you pay for the expensive dinner of your entire life? Ten thousand dollars? $100,000? How about two million dollars. A restaurant out in Singapore by the name of Ce La Vi will give you the best experience you’ve ever had but it’ll cost you. It starts with a helicopter tour of all of Singapore. Then a Rolls-Royce will take you to your private yacht where you’ll get a private tour of the marina. The yacht will then take you to the entrance of the restaurant where you’re greeted by 10,000 red roses. Now, once you’re inside the restaurant, then the 18-course meal begins. Now the entire furniture of the restaurant and the dining room is uniquely made just for you. So, after the experience is over, they’ll actually ship it to you. After dinner is complete, you’re taken to a rooftop where you’re given a two-carat diamond ring as a memento of the night and a private fireworks show like you’ve never seen.

Thanks again for watching this month’s Real Estate Minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada Properties of Douglas Elliman. And for more information on this amazing place visit and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook and YouTube at Ivan Estrada Properties. See you next month.

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