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Consider These Vegan Side Dishes For This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day that’s all about eating and enjoying, so when there are vegans involved on the day that’s all about turkey, it’s pretty challenging. What can you serve as a vegan side dishes to turkey that will still be delicious, festive and not totally difficult to prepare and cook?

Sweet potato and chickpea cakes

Lightly fried, these little cakes are filling, packed with protein and tasty. They also display beautifully on the table, which is always a bonus. Mash sweet potatoes with coconut milk, not dairy milk, and add in chopped chickpeas, panko bread crumbs, scallions and seasoning to taste. Don’t be tempted to add butter. If you want to get a little fat in there for flavor, a little olive oil won’t hurt anybody. Create patties with your hands and fry them right on the stovetop in a little oil. Again, don’t use butter! They’ll come out crispy and tasty and totally vegan-friendly. These little cakes are so good, you can probably get the non-vegans to like them, too.

Vegan lasagna

It’s never too difficult to throw together a veggie-rich lasagna. The pasta, tomato sauce, herbs and spices are all fine. The only tricky part is the cheese, which vegans don’t eat. You can always pick up some vegan ricotta or vegan sour cream as a quick swap. Don’t forget to leave the ground meat out of the recipe, too! If you can’t find any vegan-specific ingredients at the store for the ricotta, try garlic hummus. This is plant based and has the rich, creamy texture that lasagna needs. To make the meal a little more hearty, add mushrooms and spinach to increase the protein content. It will come out of the oven bubbling and smelling delightful. This is a very filling option for vegan and vegetarian eaters at Thanksgiving.

Stuffed peppers

Colorful and savory, stuffed peppers are a fantastic addition to the Thanksgiving table when you have a vegan in the house. Hollow out green, red or yellow bell peppers. Fill them with a mixture of mushrooms, lentils, spices and vegetables you like. Some rice or breadcrumbs can add a little much-needed thickener to the mix. Stuff the peppers and cook them on a baking sheet. When the peppers develop a little browning and the inner filling is steaming, take them out to cool and serve.

Text by KC Morgan | Photo by Inhabitat | Read More Here

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