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Designer Approved Tricks That Always Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Designing any room on a budget is a challenge, but that’s especially the case with a kitchen. Every element in a kitchen, from appliances to tiles to cabinets, can be costly to replace. Still, there are easy and wallet-friendly ways to create a classic kitchen that looks expensive—without maxing out your credit card. For insiders’ knowledge, here are some helpful tips from interior designers on how to make a kitchen look expensive, even if it’s not.

Repaint With a Classic Color

For an expensive-looking kitchen, mosey past the punchy colors in the paint chip aisle. Kerrie Kelly, an interior designer, suggests choosing a timeless color palette, such as a deep hue or any neutral. “It sounds simple, but a fresh coat will always make a difference,” interior designer Kristina Phillips says. Consider a midnight blue or forest green for a colorful kitchen backsplash or elegant cabinets. Or, stick to classic shades of gray, white, black, or beige for a neutral landscape. Mix in warm wood tones to layer rich texture throughout your kitchen’s design.

Pay Attention to Window Treatments

A bare window looked unfinished, but one outfitted with a treatment gives any space (including a kitchen!) a high-end feel. Window treatments provide privacy, while also filtering sunlight and making your space overall more upscale. Interior designer Julie Mitchiner of JAM Interior Design agrees. “Window treatments, and particularly drapery, really add a finishing layer that makes a room feel more complete,” she says.

Extend Your Cabinets to the Ceiling

If your budget doesn’t allow for a total kitchen renovation, start with updating the cabinets. A fresh coat of paint is the first step to giving them new life. Then, a trick of the eye makes them look expensive: extending the height of the cabinet to the ceiling. “It instantly makes the room appear taller, giving it a grander and more expensive look,” interior designer Kate Dawson says. There are a few ways to address the oftentimes awkward (and dusty) space between the top of cabinets and the ceiling. Fill it with simple trim, add a second row of cabinets, or take Phillips’s advice: add crown molding.

Replace Cabinet Hardware

A dated drawer pull is a dead giveaway of a kitchen that’s seen better days. Good thing there’s an easy and inexpensive solution. Replacing hardware is a breeze for anyone to do themselves—even those opposed to DIY projects!—and equally as gentle on a tight budget. “To create a luxurious or expensive feel in a kitchen, consider high-impact yet simple upgrades like replacing cabinet hardware with sleek, modern options for a sophisticated touch,” Kelly says. Friendly reminder: don’t forget to also replace the hinges if they can be seen. “Right now, gold and black are the trending colors for fixtures and hardware,” Dawson says. “I think those finishes are here to stay for a while, even if you have stainless steel appliances.”

Swap Out Generic Lighting

Eye-catching lighting is a surefire way to up the value of your kitchen. Choose a vintage-style sconce for charm or a sleek pendant for understated elegance. “Swapping out generic island pendants for custom-sized fixtures along with under cabinet lighting will add instant drama,” Phillips says. Give thought to the less obvious lighting in your kitchen too. Kelly suggests adding a touch of luxury with thoughtful low-profile or hidden lighting. Those will up the ambiance while making tasks easier—and adding illumination when the craving for a late-night snack hits.

Add Contrast Through an Island

If your kitchen has an island, one way to make the space look more expensive is by painting the base. Don’t just scrounge through your half-empty paint cans though, and don’t paint it the same color as your cabinets either.  Dawson suggests choosing a darker color than your cabinets; that’ll give the island some contrast.  “This makes the kitchen look designed, which everyone assumes is pricey,” Dawson says.

Text by Megan McCarty | Photo credits on thespruce.dom | Read More Here

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