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Consider These Top Smart Home Gadgets Launched At CES 2024

Samsung Ballie

Although this robot was first available in 2020, Samsung made the Ballie more relevant and futuristic this year. Packed with an onboard projector, AI smarts, and seamless smart home integration, Ballie takes charge of your home, autonomously navigating and learning from your habits for personalized assistance. Whether it’s sending video updates when you’re away, managing tasks like adjusting ambiance, or assisting in activities, this rolling robot proves to be a versatile home management solution tailored to your needs. It’s like having a one-stop hub that does the job of home monitoring effortlessly for you. Most importantly, it still doesn’t look humanoid, so you won’t have a walking, talking, human-like robot in the house. Instead, you get a helpful ball rolling on the floor.

Kohler Atmo Fan

Over the last few years, we began to care more about the air quality in our homes. There are countless air purifiers that we love (from Dyson, particularly!). But Kohler just made our day with this smart light-looking fan that is made to monitor the air quality of your bathroom. With intelligent sensors measuring temperature and humidity, the fan automatically activates when it detects high humidity. Beyond air quality, this smart bathroom fan also offers adjustable lighting for brightness and color temperature. You can easily set auto modes for humidity and temperature to ensure everything is just the way you like it. What’s more, the Atmo Fan includes a night-light setting that you can customize to your preferences.

Flic 2 Smart Home Buttons Starter Kit

Flic was made available a couple of years back, but Flic 2 will change the way your home operates. Incorporating smart buttons into your home or office, this set empowers you to control over 1,000 apps effortlessly by simply pressing a button. With 3 button functions—push, double push, and hold—you can seamlessly manage up to 3 devices, whether they’re light switches, speakers, or alarms. You can also attach them to various surfaces using the reusable adhesive or utilize the rigid metal clip to secure the Flic 2 to your clothing or key ring while on the go. With a remarkable battery life of up to 3 years, this kit ensures long-lasting smart home control.

Yarbo Lawn Mower M1

Stepping out of the house, Yarbo’s M1 cutting-edge robot handles the mundane task of lawn mowing for you, thanks to its RTK-GPS positioning technology and advanced algorithms that work seamlessly within virtual boundaries. Setting up is a breeze with a user-friendly virtual border through the mobile app. The M1 boasts high-capacity use, covering up to 2.3 acres of land and tackling slopes of up to 68%. Schedule multiple zones effortlessly via the mobile app, benefit from wireless auto-recharging, and manage no-go zones with its IPX8 waterproof rating.

Text by Madhurima Nag | Photo credits on | Read More Here

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