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Our mission is to deliver the highest caliber of service to our clients, built on the fundamental principles of professionalism, trust, reliability, integrity and attention to detail. We offer a complete suite of real estate services to guide you through your real estate journey. From sales and rentals to mortgage and title insurance, we have experts in every field to guide you through your real estate journey.

Personalized estimate We already made estimating the cost of renovation projects quick, simple, and free with an algorithm that uses location-specific info and the genius of seasoned home renovation professionals to provide estimates that are at least 80 percent accurate. But that wasn’t good enough for us. Budgeting for a home renovation isn’t easy, and […]

Neverland Ranch for Sale

June 17, 2015

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is going on the market for $100 Million! The 2,800-acre Santa Barbara County development, has re-taken its original name- Sycamore Valley Ranch. Jackson bought the mansion in 1987 for $19.5 million, but struggled to pay off his loan for it. Real Estate investment firm Colony Capital stepped in to help save […]

There are some simple ways to spruce up you home without putting yourself in the poorhouse. Not only will these simple home renovations save you money, but it will also boost the amount of money you either get from the sale of the home or allow you to list at a higher price. Here are […]

1. CamCard Tired of going to networking events, or meeting tons of connections just to not be able to find that business card the next day? Or how about your pile of business cards just gets increasingly larger and larger and you don’t have the time to input all of the information into your database? […]

This is why… 1. LOCATION – We have some of the best destinations in the world just a few short hours away from Los Angeles, which is why it becomes the top trait of Los Angeles Real Estate. From beaches to mountains and a variety of cities and communities in-between, LA real estate offers a variety […]

We know that the high end real estate market in los angeles (both residential and commercial) has grown since the end of the recession. It has been partly due to real estate investors snatching up properties in all-cash deals and partly because of the wealthy from non-US countries such as China, England, Saudi Arabia, etc, […]

Microsoft HoloLens

May 19, 2015

Microsoft announces a new gadget that can change the game for Real Estate Agents. In short, the headset of the future. The HoloLens is said to become the next PC. Microsoft HoloLens brings you holographic computing, changing the way you see the world. The first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer. It enables high definition holograms […]

The Los Angeles City Council decided to join forces with Non Profit friends of Park 101 to try and find federal, state, and local funding for this project that would link the two sections of Downtown Los Angeles long and the highway with pedestrian thoroughfares. What that means is a possibility of creating a laced […]

There are thousands of new apartments in DTLA being built. So how would one stand out? A Canadian developer is looking to set itself apart by offering fully furnished units in its nearly completed $200-million luxury high-rise which will be aimed at high-end clients. This unusual strategy, all 300 units in the 330story tower at […]

Mansionization Pros and Cons Mansionization has been an issue in various neighborhoods around Los Angeles for a while now. What is mansionizaton exactly? Some smaller, usually older, single family homes are being torn down and replaced with significantly larger, taller, and more modern “Mcmansions” or “Super-sized” houses. There are various pros and cons to this […]

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