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Virgin Hyperloop: Passenger Experience and New Design

Have you ever imagined how amazing it would be to be able to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 45 minutes? Well, Virgin Hyperloop has revealed what it would look like.

Last week, the mass transportation company owned by Virgin Group released images and a concept video showing how passengers can expect to experience its new high-speed transport system. In the video, Virgin Hyperloop shows off what its portals, almost like futuristic train stations, and pods, like futuristic train cars, will look like.

Though a pod can only hold 28 people, the video appears to show multiple pods traveling at once through the hyperloop tubes. The pods themselves have recessed seat wells, a raised aisle and travel information displays while incorporating greenery and wood textures into the design, according to a press release from the Virgin Hyperloop.

Hyperloop pods use “an attractive electromagnetic force, powered by onboard batteries,” to levitate from the top of the hyperloop tube, the company website says. That system allows the pods to move at high speeds, which would make travel even easier between cities. According to the company, the Virgin Hyperloop would make a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco in only 43 minutes.

The company is on a mission to make hyperloop an accessible form of transportation, which means it needs to be affordable. A recent study in Ohio found that hyperloop fares would be similar to the cost of driving, rather than flying. Ticket prices will, of course, vary depending on the exact route traveled.

“It’s simple. If it’s not affordable, people won’t use it,” Jay Walder, Virgin Hyperloop’s CEO said in a statement. “Daily high-speed transport is currently not feasible for most people, but we want to change that notion. Imagine being able to commute between cities that are currently hours apart in minutes – and the endless possibilities that opens up.”

Virgin Hyperloop ran a successful passenger test in Las Vegas in November. During the test, the pods reached speeds of 107 mph at the test site, according to previous reports. The company hopes to achieve safety certification by 2025 and begin commercial operations in 2030, a press release said.

Text by Ann Schmidt | Photo by Virgin Hyperloop | Read More Here

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