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Social Distance on Your Own Private Island Worldwide

Hello and welcome to the real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada properties at Douglas Elliman. And in this episode we’re on the search for your next island. That’s right, your next island. Priced from $12 million to a hundred and sixty million dollars in Thailand. So the real estate minute is going to work like this. There are three segments, one minute each, three minutes total. Let the real estate minute begin.

Fiji, located between Hawaii and Australia and known for its beautiful crystal waters, its food, its culture and its diversity. And it’s also home to Wavi Island. This island could be yours for 12 million dollars. As you drive up to your private island, you’re greeted by a beautiful bridge and full security. As you drive up, then you see the beautiful villa. It’s a one-acre villa, three bedrooms, three baths, pool, spa and a private gazebo looking over your private ocean. On the island you also have 19 lots ranging from half an acre to an acre where you can build either other homes, make it a bed and breakfast or build your own hotel. Pretty much this can be anything you want. All you need is 12 million dollars.

Located to the east of Phuket, Thailand, you will find Rangyai Island listed at a hundred and sixty million dollars with a hundred and ten acres. That’s a lot of property. This island is already being used by tourists just to kind of soak in some sun and walk through those white sandy beaches. Now, there’s a ton of potential on this island. You can build a massive resort or if you’re a billionaire, this could be your next single family home. The island comes with fresh usable water electricity and its own 10 minutes from Phuket. The island is close to both Phuket and Coconut Island both of which are home to numerous resorts and are very popular with tourists. Rangyai Island is an advantageous position in the area allowing the prospective owner to capitalize on the development potential of this beautiful property.

Located in the south of Florida you’ll find the beautiful Caribbean. Home to almost 700 different island chains with 700 different experiences. You can go hiking, you can go sailing, you can go boating or you can just walk in the beautiful beach. Now in the Caribbean you have a special island, Spectabilis Island. Spectabilis Island is conveniently located in the central Exuma cays approximately 60 miles from the capital. The Exuma cays are home to about a dozen of the most discerning celebrities and billionaires which clearly states the confidence, safety, and desirability of the location. Listed at a hundred and sixty million dollars this island could be yours to build your dream home or even have your own resort. There’s already a proposed helipad and tons of docking stations where you can put your private yacht. In the island itself there’s a lot of rolling hills, places to hike, places to relax and most importantly a place to build and call your own.

Thank you so much for watching this month’s real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada properties at Douglas Elliman. Now don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter at Ivan Estrada propertiesand if you like this video don’t forget to like and share. I’ll see you next time.

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