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Home Technology – CES 2019 Review

Welcome to the real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada properties at Douglas Elliman. And in this episode, we’re discussing some of the innovative products from this year’s CES conference. So, the real estate minute is going to work like this. There are three segments, one minute each, three minutes total. Let the real estate minute begin.

The product that made the biggest splash in this year’s CES conference was a new LG OLED TV. This is the coolest thing. Now about two years ago, this rollable TV was just a concept but now it’s become a reality. Now with this LG TV with the push of a button you will be able to unroll your 65-inch screen with 4K capabilities within a matter of seconds. Now with another push of a button you can bring it down to quarter view where you can just show a clock, the weather, also play tracks and it also has a really cool mood capability where you can see flames, dancing circles to just really create the mood. Now the product is going to cost anywhere between fifteen to fifty thousand dollars. I remember when I was a kid and the first flat screen came out. It was about the same price. When is this going to come out? Well, they’re thinking at the end of 2019.

In this year’s CES conference it was all about home smart technology starting with the product of RoomMe. So, what is RoomMe? Well it’s a product will you be able to install sensors in every room of your house that will then be connected to your smartphone. So, anything that you can control with your smartphones such as the lights, the curtains, the temperature, also when you want your coffee made, you’ll be able to do that with RoomMe. With the AI technology, it will be able to capture all this information and create any type of Ambience that you want. And now going to Kohlor. So Kohlor is now getting into the smart technology but using toilets. With Numi 2.0 Mimi has ambient lighting, surround sound speakers, and the whole point of this new toilet is to take you to a place of tranquility and peace. It will have cleaning capabilities, drying capabilities, heating capabilities and can also be connected to Alexa.

Wearables were all the rage at this year’s CES conference. With some of our favorites these products will increase your focus, give you better sleep so that you can be more productive throughout your day. With EEG technology these two new products will give you a better inside on how your brain actually functions. Developed by neuroscientists and sleep experts’ companies Ergo Night and Brain Co use the same technology previously only available to clinics and sleep researchers. Both involve wearing headsets that measure your EEG brain waves and gives you Insight that helps you either focus more or get better sleep. Both companies showed healthier brain wave activity after only a couple uses.

Thank you so much for watching this month’s episode of the real estate minute where we recap some of the hottest products of this year’s CES. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada property at Douglas Elliman. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook Instagram YouTube and Twitter at Ivan Estrada properties.

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