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2016 Top Home Trends | March Real Estate Minute | Ivan Estrada Properties

Hello everyone and welcome to the real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada. And the Real Estate Minute is going to work like this: there are three segments, one minute each, three minutes total, let the March Minute begin.

The Los Angeles International Airport is getting a five-billion-dollar facelift. For those of you who’ve been to the airport lately, you know that it really really needs it. The United States definitely has a top economy, but the world’s view of our airports is that they’re substandard they’re not very functional and just plain ugly. Now, there was a report that came out in 2015 with the top 25 best airports, and the United States wasn’t even on the list. So, we definitely have to do a change here. Now, this five-billion-dollar facelift would not only make the airport look really pretty and aesthetically pleasing, but the functionality is going to be much better and it will reduce traffic by about 55 percent. Now, what’s the set completion date for this baby? Well, it’ll be 2023. Why is this date so important? Well LA is America’s Top Choice for the 2024 Summer Olympics. So,we’re going to be having visitors from all over the world visiting our airports. We definitely want to impress.

The 2016 Home Trends are in and these are the things that buyers are looking for. Starting with number 5 is we’re moving away from stainless steel appliances everyone and looking at matte finishes there a lot sexier and a lot cleaner. Number four is cushioned flooring. No more cement floors, no more tiles. People want something soft for their feet. So how about cork flooring which comes in different sizes and different colors? And it’s definitely now in the in. Number three on the list is circadian lighting. So, LG’s coming up with a light bulb that will match with your circadian rhythm of your body. So, during the daytime it’ll be super bright to keep you awake. At night you will have a softer glow so you can have a good night’s rest. Number two on the list is functionality and technology, open floor plans. People want technology smart hardware and software and appliances that just do everything for you. And number one on the list is amenities amenities amenities. How about an outdoor shower or underground parking? Co-owner of the Lakers Jim Buss just listed his property for 8.8 million dollars. Now, he just bought this place three years ago for four million dollars. So, if he ends up selling it for 8.8, he’s definitely going to make a huge profit that. The property itself is three bedrooms, four bath 4,300 square feet beautiful hardwood floors, beautiful crystal chandeliers and a kitchen that was brought in from Italy. Of course, the building would not be complete with full service such as 24-hour concierge 24-hour valet a gorgeous rooftop pool with cabana, a gym and the service of Ritz-Carlton. The price again on this baby: 8.8 billion dollars.

Thanks for watching this month’s Real Estate Minute for the month of March. I will see you next month. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram Facebook and YouTube at Ivan Estrada Properties. See you next time.

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