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These Are The Best Getaway Locations in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a dreamy desert town near the southern end of California that is known for its vast landscape, stellar sunsets, and more recently, a stunning list of Airbnb options. From full-blown retreats that feature a swimming pool on acres of land to modern structures that boast some out-of-this-world architecture, the Airbnb listings in Joshua Tree are so abundant and aesthetically pleasing that these accommodation options alone will have you inspired and ready to book a trip. While there are a few different motel and hotel options such as The Joshua Tree Inn, you will find much more luxurious and comfortable accommodations on Airbnb. In fact, Joshua Tree has become such a hotspot for Airbnb rentals that it can almost be overwhelming while trying to navigate the hefty list. From the well-known and popular Invisible House to the UFO-inspired Area 55 Futuro House, we at House Digest have put together this list of the best Airbnbs in Joshua Tree so that you can experience this desert dream at its fullest.

Drink in Joshua Tree views at The Gaslight

The Gaslight in Joshua Tree creates a fun yet relaxing environment for a larger group looking to enjoy a weekend away in the Mojave Desert. Completed in January of 2020, the property was inspired by The Gaslight in New York City, which was a famous venue that hosted the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen and more, via the Airbnb listing. Photos of these artists greet you at the door and set the tone for your weekend of frivolity and restoration in nature. The house rests on three-acres of land, situated right on top of a stunning hillside that gives guests uninterrupted views of cacti, Joshua Trees, and on occasion, local wildlife. With three different cowboy tubs on the property and a sizable hot tub for soaking under the stars, this property allows you to float in the middle of the desert no matter what time of the year you choose to visit. In addition to the main house, there is also a smaller guesthouse on the property for those with larger groups who need to spread out.

The Flying Cloud Airstream has rustic charm

If you prefer something more similar to camping than an actual house, the Flying Cloud Airstream offers adventurers the chance to sit in nature without any distractions or interruptions while still providing them with the proper shelter needed to feel comfortable and rest easily. According to the Airbnb listing, the Flying Cloud Airstream is located on more than an acre of property that is literally right next door to the national park. Between the breathtaking mountain views and lack of light pollution at night, guests of the Flying Cloud Airstream are sure to have the opportunity to snap stunning photographs and make memories that will last a lifetime.Though an airstream might seem a bit daunting for those who prefer more luxurious accommodations, the amenities found at this rustic Airbnb are not short of impressive. In addition to a lovely outdoor deck that houses a grill and seating area right outside the door of the airstream, the interior of the Flying Cloud Airstream is also pretty nice with a sizable refrigerator, HD television, and private bedroom.

The Area 55 Futuro House in Joshua Tree is out of this world

Perhaps the most unique property on our list, the Area 55 Futuro House gives travelers the opportunity to stay in a UFO-inspired structure that truly is out of this world. Per Airbnb, there are currently only 85 original Futuro Houses in existence, and this is one of them. Providing guests with a totally off-grid experience, the Area 55 Futuro House is more of a glamping accommodation than anything. Thankfully, this property does feature a small amount of solar power so that you can easily charge your phones and use their coffee maker and Bluetooth sound system without trouble. In addition to the house itself, guests of the Area 55 Futuro House are also able to the property that is within fence line, giving you ample star-gazing at nighttime without virtually zero light pollution to get in your way. One of the most amazing features of the house is the wireless remote-controlled door, which opens exactly how one would imagine a real life flying saucer door to open.

SkyHouse Joshua Tree is a luxury desert escape

If you’re looking to live out your Joshua Tree experience in total luxury, look no further than the SkyHouse Joshua Tree. This listing is so top-notch that it was even featured in the popular Hulu production “Palm Springs” in 2020, via Airbnb. The house has also been used for various ad campaigns, photoshoots, and music videos due to its secluded setting and modern aesthetic. Sitting on about eight acres of prime desert land, guests of SkyHouse Joshua Tree will find themselves begging to stay as they take in the high desert views from the comfort of this impressive property. Between the 10-foot outdoor fire pit and the massive 1,800-square-foot pool deck, guests will definitely be tempted to spend the majority of their time outside. However, with huge sliding glass windows surrounding the entirety of the house, the SkyHouse makes it easy to feel connected to nature even while enjoying the coziness of the indoors. Best of all, if you’re looking to spend a decent amount of time at Joshua Tree National Park, take advantage of the direct walk-on access that this listing provides to the Desert View Conservation Area of the park.

Text by Allie Lebos | Photo by Airbnb & Shutterstock | Read More Here 

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