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Tesla – Energy Efficient Choice for Homeowners

Tesla has just announced the first major redesign of the Model S since it launched the electric sedan in 2012. This new version has a refreshed exterior, a simplified interior, and the option for a more powerful powertrain that lets the car travel at least 520 miles and go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under two seconds.

The new Model S has some light updates to the exterior of the car, including a standard large glass roof, but the biggest visual change is inside. Tesla has axed the portrait touchscreen in favor of one more like what’s found in the Model 3 and Model Y, though with far smaller bezels. There’s also a stalkless U-shaped butterfly steering wheel, much like what we’ve seen in the forthcoming second-generation Roadster, and a screen behind the center console for rear-seat passengers.

Tesla has long stated that it wants to be one of the world’s largest power or utility companies, and global capital is marshaling resources to encourage the shift to renewables. The company could be a huge beneficiary from the Biden administration’s renewable plans through their goals to dramatically boost solar development and buildings.

The big infrastructure spend will require big batteries to store renewable power. It will also require massive solar installations. Over the last week alone, investors have pumped nearly $2 billion into companies that lend money to homeowners for solar installations and energy efficiency upgrades. At least some of that money will have cash registers ringing for Tesla’s energy storage and solar installation business.

Text by Sean O’Kane / Jonathan Shieber | Photo by | Read More Here & Here

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