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Summer Getaways

Lease a summer getaway in Malibu, Palm Springs, or the Hollywood Hills for a change of scenery to entertain guests!   Malibu Cozy up in Malibu near the beach in this charming 5 bedroom home. Tranquility abounds amid the sculptured Sycamor...

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Backyard Beaches

    Beach closures will mean nothing to you when you have your own beach backyard. Discover the possibilities with Landscape design in your own backyard. Turn flat land into your own private serene ocean or wave pool. So many things...

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Luxury West Hollywood Realtor

Next Level Home Addition !

Your home doesn’t have views? I bet you wouldn’t think to build a treehouse on the property to entertain guests.. including beautiful night light scenery! This Silver Lake Listing did just that! However, this property was fortunate enough to have views before the tree house was built — that just became an added bonus as well as a highlight to buyers who were interested in the property!

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