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Ivan Estrada Joins Alicia Dunams on Authoring Life Podcast

Everyone needs to start a brand. It’s just a matter of achieving personal awareness so you can find your purpose because that purpose is the foundation of your brand.

Joining Alicia Dunams on Authoring Life to expound this is top-ranked real estate entrepreneur Ivan Estrada. Ivan is a successful business leader who has been named in the “Top 30 Under 30′′ in real estate by Newsweek. He is the author of the newly-released book for young entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and ambitious dreamers, Brand With Purpose.

Brand With Purpose is filled with tools and expert advice on growing your career and business, with enlightening case studies and inspirational wisdom from successful entrepreneurs and trailblazers. David Meltzer called the book “a path for every brand builder to find more passion and purpose in every aspect of their business.”

As part of Ivan’s mission to inspire the next generation of diverse leaders, he is aiming to give away 7,000 books to students across the country. You can learn more about the campaign here.

Reflecting on his personal journey of growing up Latino, LGBTQ, and working middle class (+ key themes in the book), in an energizing interview, Ivan discusses:

Why Everyone Needs to Build a Brand—How to Do It and Where to Start

Unlocking Your Purpose: How This Discovery Can Help Accelerate Your Career

How Personal Awareness Can Take Your Branding to the Next Level

Overcoming Hardship: Not Letting Shame and Past Trauma Get in the Way of Creating an Authentic Brand

Why Personal Development and Continuing Education is the Key to Planning for—and Surviving—Inevitable Change

The True Value of Teamwork, from Expanding Your Brand to Remaining Resilient

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