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Michelin Just Added These New LA Restaurants To The 2024 Guide

In another bid at keeping up with the digital age, Michelin has added new Los Angeles restaurants to its California guide, including several that have opened in the last six months. Among them you’ll find Sushi Sonagi, Time Out’s best new restaurant of last year, which is loved for its Korean-influenced omakase and warm approach to service, plus other picks that Angelenos might recognize from the best new restaurant and all-time best restaurant guides. In other words, these newly recognized restaurants shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the city’s dining scene. Here are some of the Los Angeles restaurants, with full inspector notes available via Michelin’s official press release: Amour (West Hollywood), Funke (Beverly Hills), Pollo a la Brasa, (Bar) Sawa [5 stars], Sushi Sonagi (Gardena) [5 stars]. All restaurants are within city limits unless otherwise specified, with any Time Out star designations noted with brackets.

For those unfamiliar with how Michelin restaurants are selected, here’s how it works: Anonymous Michelin inspectors travel across a given region, awarding the best of the best anywhere from one to three stars. Here in L.A., that’s meant both ultra-special occasion meals like Hayato and Providence, as well as more slightly less expensive, date-night friendly restaurants like Orsa & Winston and Gwen. Bib Gourmand makes up a second category of budget-friendly restaurants considered notable by inspectors. These relatively newer picks generally acknowledge the more diverse cuisines of Los Angeles beyond the French and Japanese fine-dining spots typically favored for awarded stars (Michelin will announce those as well as more Bib Gourmands at an awards ceremony much later this year).

In order to be considered for the more affordable category of the French tire company’s world-renowned dining guide, Bib Gourmand restaurants must offer a full menu that makes it possible to order two courses and drink or dessert for under $49 (sans tax and gratuity). These days, that’s a tall order with inflation, but it can still be done. Here in Los Angeles, there’s plenty to work through if you haven’t already tried these Bib Gourmands. Spanning from the Westside to the San Gabriel Valley, they include annual additions from 2019 to 2023, except for 2020. (Michelin skipped handing out awards that year due to the pandemic.)

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