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Mansionization Pros and Cons


Mansionization Pros and Cons

Mansionization has been an issue in various neighborhoods around Los Angeles for a while now. What is mansionizaton exactly? Some smaller, usually older, single family homes are being torn down and replaced with significantly larger, taller, and more modern “Mcmansions” or “Super-sized” houses. There are various pros and cons to this issue so lets take a look at both perspectives and break them down to see views from both sides of the fence. Commonly when you hear about the topic people only here about the negative associated with Mansionization. Protesting residents have a right to be upset and angry about the issue, Yes.

One might argue that these over-sized homes create “eye-sores” in their neighborhoods and take away from the consistency of the street. That it can take away from the smaller homes looking attractive to future buyers. They tend to block sunlight and privacy in the smaller homes neighboring next door. One resident mentioned that he has to make sure to wear appropriate clothing in his own backyard which is no longer private due to the newly built two-story home next door. Some residents argue why tear down and rebuild larger homes, why not just renovate these smaller homes with the same appropriate size, but in a more modern way that would hike up value. On the upside, building these larger, more expensive homes do help to increase the overall value of the neighborhood.

Some argue that communities should be flattered that the market is recognizing these neighborhoods as prime locations. By building these larger homes to replace older, smaller homes, it can be seen as growth. This helps with the potential to save energy with more energy efficient homes and is a much more green way of developing because they are rebuilding in already established parcels instead of going out and tearing down trees for space to build new property. Can there be a common ground that would satisfy both local residents and contractors of these new Mansionized homes? 

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