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Los Angeles Summer Rentals in Beverly Hills, Malibu, & Hollywood Hills

Hello and welcome to the real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada Properties at Douglas Elliman. Coming to from you from beautiful Santa Monica. In this episode we are covering the summer hot rental market here in Los Angeles. Starting in Malibu, then making our way to Beverly Hills, and ending our tour in the Hollywood Hills. So the real estate minute is going to work like this: there are three segments, one minute each, three minutes total. Let the real estate minute begin.

What’s not to like about Beverly Hills? Amazing dining, shopping, beautiful gardens. How about making this your home during this summer 2019? To give you an idea of the rental market in Beverly Hills, here’s option number one. This property is in Hillcrest, in beautiful Trousdale Estates for about fifteen thousand dollars a month. 4 bedrooms with the pool and a small view. Now if you want something a little more grand, here’s this property on Carla Ridge; $25,000 a month, five bedrooms, pool, and a view. Keep in mind this is just a starting point. Rents go above $100,000 a month, even more for an opulent estate in Beverly Hills with a pool, maybe 2, a bowling alley, movie theater, a guard. I mean the possibilities are endless. It all just depends on how much money you’re willing to spend.

The Hollywood Hills is a very popular hot spot for the international clientele looking to spend their summer in Los Angeles. Why would you say? Those views. Those amazing jetliner views from downtown to the ocean. Now to give you an idea of how much your rents would be, look at this property on Sunset Plaza. Three-bedroom with the pool, something like this would range about $15,000 a month. Now if you want something a little bit more coveted in a better area, such as Doheny Estates, check out this property on Blue Jay Way. $25,000 a month, three bedrooms with a pool and an amazing view. Something to keep in mind in the luxury LA rental market is the longer you stay, the less you will pay. For example, if you’re staying for a month, you may be paying $50,000 a month or if you decided to extend your stay for 3 months, they might drop that price from $50,000 to $35,000 a month. Something to keep in mind when you are looking for your luxury summer rental property.

Known for its hiking trails, beautiful summer weather, and gorgeous summer beaches. Of course, I’m talking about Malibu. Malibu has become a very popular staycation for a lot of people that live in LA and are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and have three months of tranquility. Here’s an example of what you can rent out in Malibu during the summer. For the price of about $25,000 a month, you could find a beautiful 3-bedroom 3-bath, with a gorgeous pool and of course, an ocean view. Now keep this in mind in Malibu, you want to start looking for rentals actually during the wintertime. During the wintertime, you’ll be able to get the best prices and also be able to pick the perfect option for your summer getaway. Three destinations not to miss while you’re in Malibu are El Matador, Zuma, and Paradise Cove. And if you love good sushi, make sure to stop by at Nobu. And if you’re looking to mix and mingle, make sure to check out Soho House.

Thank you so much for watching this episode of the real estate minute. I’m your host Ivan Estrada with Ivan Estrada Properties at Douglas Elliman checking out from Santa Monica and for more information on your LA rental market you can visit my website at And don’t forget to follow me on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube at Ivan Estrada

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