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Who doesn’t love robots? No one.  That’s who.  And with all the exciting home robots that are rolling out in the next few years soon we’ll all be cheering for robots.  So, what are the robot talks-of-the-town?  Who will you be welcoming in to your home?

Kuri | Mayfield Robotics 

Meet Kuri, the cute robot who will follow you around the house documenting adorable memories and will also keep you up date with what’s going on in the home when you’re not home.  Kuri is equipped with industry-leading technology including capacitive touch sensors in the head, a 1080p HD camera as one of the eyes, microphones around the neck, speakers in the hips, and lasers in the belly (Wow! Laser belly!). Kuri can check on your pets while you’re at work, casually explore your home or apartment, play music, read an audiobook bedtime story to the kids, or even capture the unseen moments of your home life with Kuri Vision. Most of all, Kuri brings a spark of life to your home by creating a joyful and inspiring sense of personality.

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Walker | Ubtech

Meet Walker, your friendly, armless butler and security guard! Walker is supposed to be a “complete home butler.” Walker is prepared to tackle your security needs, patrolling your home’s perimeter, detecting motion and recording incidents with its integrated camera. And when it’s quitting time, it can dance and play games and give your calendar reminders.

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Aibo | Sony

Meet Aibo, for those people who love dogs but have no time for the real thing.   Aibo loves being cute and playful and getting to know you. As Aibo learns its environment and develops relationships with people, its identity takes on more and more layers. Your approach to raising your Aibo shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for growth. It’s the same as how people develop: playing and experiencing their way into fuller maturity.

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Aelous | Aeolus Robotics

Meet Aeolus, the comfort and care robot. From delivering food to picking up clutter and locating lost items, Aeolus is always ready to help. Extendable and interchangeable arms allow Aeolus to vacuum, mop, put away dishes, move furniture and much more. AKA – My dream robot.

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Let the robot revolution begin!

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