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Experts Advise to Avoid Making These Biggest Interior Design Mistakes

The year 2020 was truly a year spent at home (among other things, of course). How people viewed their spaces and what they wanted from them, from a style and utility aspect, shifted dramatically for many as a result. Interior designer to the stars and chic people in general, Jake Arnold saw an opportunity to expand his business in a decidedly virtual capacity with an online platform that connects clients directly to interior designers.

The lineup of more than 100 “experts” reads like a who’s who in the design world, with new additions to the roster including Ashe Leandro, Giancarlo Valle, Athena Calderone, and Rita Konig. Sessions are booked in 55-minute increments directly through a calendar feature on the site, ranging in price from $400 to $2,500, with some offering a condensed mini 25-minute session. The conversation can be as straightforward as advice on furniture pieces to complete a room or deciding on art, paint colors, and lighting, or as in depth as design advice surrounding a full-scale home reno. Some of the top experts on the platform give insight on the biggest mistakes people make when designing a space—and shop for some foolproof pieces along the way.

Expert Jake Arnold says one of the biggest mistakes he’s seen is choosing a design that was done for someone else’s house. Just because you’ve seen something online doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your home.

Expert Katie Hodges advises not to scale furniture too small in a room. There’s a misconception that small spaces require small and leggy furnishings, but it actually has the opposite effect.

Expert Erick Garcia noted that people tend to forget to measure their space when shopping for furniture. He’s seen it time and time again where pieces are either too large or too small, which causes the atmosphere to feel imbalanced. This removes the opportunity to truly create and design a beautiful interior to its full potential.

Expert Courtney McLeod says the biggest mistake newbies make is succumbing to doubt and taking on too many uninformed opinions. Successful interior design is a personal endeavor; the goal should simply be to bring yourself joy. If you love yellow, go for that yellow sofa! If you love chocolate brown, go for it and paint your dining room that rich color. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

Expert Tatum Kendrick sees people missing the mark when it comes to scale and proportions, as well as wall paint color selection. Creating a successful interior is not only picking out great pieces, but making sure everything flows together in a harmonious way. He often sees bedside tables that are too tall next to a bed or a dainty coffee table being swallowed up by an oversize sofa. The inter dynamics of scale and form between the pieces in the room are just as important to consider as the style and pieces themselves. He also often sees paint color choices that have missed the mark—whites that have too much blue undertones, creating cold clinical-feeling rooms, or bold moves of color in a powder room or bedroom that are way too saturated and primary, and completely overpower the space, rather than setting a harmonious tone.

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