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Consider These Crucial Kitchen Improvements Prior To Selling Your Home

Preparing to list your house? If you want to get top dollar, start sprucing up your kitchen now.

A killer kitchen is one of the best ways to sell your home. Before you list your place, start making some of these improvements to help swing buyers in the right direction.

Upgrade to quartz countertops

Today’s buyers aren’t so keen on granite, and they’re definitely not looking for laminate. If you splurge on one upgrade in the kitchen, make it quartz countertops. It’s always a nice, hard surface and there are many designs as well as colors to choose from.

Plus, quartz is more durable and environmentally friendly than other materials, which is especially important in a busy kitchen. More sellers are incorporating quartz into their kitchens than traditional material like marble, because it is less porous and therefore less likely to stain.

Update the lighting

If your light fixtures are old enough to vote or order a beer in a bar, it’s time to replace them, or at least give it a very thorough dusting.

Swap in new fixtures over the island and kitchen sink, or increase your kitchen’s appeal by installing recessed lighting on a dimmer. Under-counter lighting can also add a nice touch.

Bring in a crisp, new backsplash

Installing a neutral, clean backsplash can make a huge difference and win you points with prospective buyers.

If the current one is busy or dated-looking, go with a classic white subway tile or any other neutrally colored tile. Plus, a new backsplash paired with upgraded countertops can even make dated appliances look more current.

Add premium touches

Quarantine has turned many of us into home cooks, and that means buyers are looking for luxe touches throughout the kitchen where they’re spending more time than ever. Most of today’s buyers are self-proclaimed foodies and expect a well-thought-out kitchen.

Sophisticated wine fridges, filtered water spouts, and pot fillers are becoming the norm nowadays. If you have space for a beverage or wine cooler, buyers love this added bonus.

Text by Lauren Sieben | Photo by | Read More Here

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