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Our mission is to deliver the highest caliber of service to our clients, built on the fundamental principles of professionalism, trust, reliability, integrity and attention to detail. We offer a complete suite of real estate services to guide you through your real estate journey. From sales and rentals to mortgage and title insurance, we have experts in every field to guide you through your real estate journey.

When buying a home, people look out for certain things to ensure they are making a sound investment and that the property meets their needs. Parents might think about the quality of the local schools while people buying solo might think of the home’s value if they decide to sell down the line. Two things, […]

3D-printed construction continues to grow in popularity worldwide, and the latest example is an ambitious new low-rise apartment building in Germany. The project will incorporate cutting-edge 3D printing technology – as well as timber – and will be used to provide affordable social housing. The unnamed development is described by 3D printer manufacturer COBOD as […]

Spanning from the southernmost tip of the state all the way to the north, California boasts an expansive shoreline that extends for thousands of miles. For breathtaking views of the southern California coastline, hike the Torrey Pines Beach Trail. The Torrey Pines Beach Trail Loop is a moderately easy, 2.3 mile route that meanders through […]

Cities remain the key engines of the global economy even as new digital technologies have given people unprecedented choice in where we live and work. The world’s 300 largest cities or metro areas account for more than half of global economic output, while being home to just 20% of the world’s population. When it comes to innovation […]

“What’s the weather today?” is often the first question we have each morning.  And while weather apps abound, they lack the personal, immediate environmental focus many want. Enter the home weather station: whether for hobby or hard data, these handy devices offer a wealth of information, from immediate conditions to forthcoming weather patterns, allowing users […]

Many of the amenities found in the latest kitchen trends are empowered with smart home technology. The role of innovation in kitchen design and remodeling for adding wellness potential richly deserves its own coverage. Before delving in, it’s worth noting what architectural designer Nar Bustamante in Sacramento shared in his comments. While he’s excited about the advances […]

Tiny homes gained popularity a couple of years ago, and since then they’ve cemented their place in the world of architecture. What started off as a cute little trend is now turning into a serious option for home spaces. This will continue well in the future. They are a space-saving and eco-friendly living solution that […]

A French company named Euro Airship is on a mission to tell the world that rigid airships are not only safe, but also the future of emission-free air travel. To prove its point, the company is planning to embark on a non-stop journey circumnavigating the world, covering over 24,000 miles without any fuel stops in […]

Barely larger than a GoPro, the MAKA Pro Measure is every DIY interior junkie’s best friend. Designed to replace an entire toolbox of items you’d need to perform your home improvement routines, the MAKA Pro Measure lets you measure, detect, and pre-empt everything before you start renovating or decorating your house. It calculates distances, areas, […]

Although your small backyard might be limited in scale, the good news is it still offers endless potential to create an interesting and vibrant space. The key to success is to keep things simple. It’s all about getting the basics right to create a harmonious space that feels bigger than it is, which means choosing hardscaping and […]

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